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At IM Dental Care we are passionate about the dental health of all our patients. We welcome all adults, children and nervous patients. Ideally, dentistry is preventive: that means making sure you enjoy continually good oral health, and preventing the development of serious dental problems that can require costly treatments. You can enjoy exceptional dental health by visiting us regularly for check-ups and hygiene appointments. If you do however suffer from dental problems, we offer a wide range of treatments and services that will solve them quickly, effectively and pain-free. If you are looking to achieve the smile you always wanted and improve your confidence, don’t hesitate to ask us about the many cosmetic treatments we offer – such as tooth whitening or adult braces.

At IM Dental Care we employ the latest, most effective approaches in dentistry. We are a mercury-free practice, meaning we do not use amalgam filling materials. Modern materials allow us to treat dental problems in the most minimally invasive way. Minimally invasive dentistry not only preserves as much of your tooth tissues as possible, but quite often makes the treatment simpler, shorter and less costly.

At your consultation appointment we first aim to identify any dental concerns that you may have. This is then followed by a thorough examination of the teeth and the mouth tissues to check for dental decay, erosion or wear. The gums are checked for gum disease and the soft tissues of the mouth for any signs of pathology, including oral cancer screening. Radiographs are taken where indicated; these are included in the fee for your dental examination.

Once we have identified your concerns and any dental problems, we will discuss with you how to best achieve the results you desire. By the end of the appointment, you will have a clear picture of all the different options available, along with the time scales and costs involved.

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Have you ever wondered if you can improve your smile and give yourself new confidence? Such treatments – from something as simple as stain removal and tooth whitening to straightening your teeth with invisible braces – can give you excellent results with very little effort. Do not hesitate to ask us about these during your consultation appointment.


Gum disease quite often gets overlooked and goes undiagnosed – but it is one of the main and important aspects of good oral health. If gum disease is identified, we will discuss it fully with you and create a customised preventive and treatment regime. A major part of gum disease prevention is down to how well you look after your teeth and gums at home. We will demonstrate to you all the preventive steps you can take yourself. We will also make arrangements for gum cleaning as per your needs.


Early caries (tooth decay) can quite often be treated in a minimally invasive way, without the need for fillings. This makes your treatment more pleasant, shorter and less costly. If cavities do need to be filled, modern dental materials allow us to treat caries in much more conservative way than in the past. We aim to preserve as much of your tooth tissue as possible as this is what keeps your teeth stronger.

We are a mercury-free practice, meaning that we do not use amalgam filling materials. Modern tooth-coloured composite or ceramic materials are not only safer but more aesthetically pleasing too. We offer a wide range of restorative treatments, from composite fillings to metal-free ceramic onlays, crowns and veneers.


If you have missing teeth that cause visible unsightly gaps or you are unable to eat comfortably, we have a number of treatments available. We offer prosthetic treatments such as dentures, bridges and implants.

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